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Haustore Uganda is a kitchenware center that blends love between people and the kitchen, They transform your ideas and dreams of how your kitchen should look into reality.

Haustore has a variety ok kitchen tools that make kitchen work easy and fast. We jumped on designing their logo as shown below.

Old Branding

The company did not have a logo, the business was planning to operate without a clear representation of who they are. 

Haustore lacked a unique attribute to communicate and represent who they are so they reach out to our team in February 2023 to develop a logo for them

The Approach - 2 design concepts

We came up with the best professional and unique concepts for  Haustore and they had to make a choice of what was fully communicated to them. Below are the two concepts we developed.

Concept - 01

Concept - 02

Results - Approved Logo

Haustore logo has made the company more outstanding and unique, The company uses this logo for all its brand representations. Below is the final work.

Main Logo



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