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Red Lotus Photography is a media company focused more on photography and videography of all kinds and delivers a variety of services.

These include wedding photography, corporate events, and many more. We developed their logo as detailed below.

Old Branding

The business had no logo that was reflecting one sector of photography since it was a new business and needed something to represent them.

They lacked a unique attribute to communicate and represent who they are so they reach out to our team in April 2023 to develop a logo for them.

The Approach - 2 design concepts

We came up with the best professional and unique concepts for Red Lotus Photography and they had to make a choice of what was fully communicated to them. Below are the two concepts we developed.

Concept - 01

Concept - 02

Results - Approved Logo - Concept 1

The logo has made the company more outstanding and unique, The company uses this logo for all its brand representations. Below is the final work.

Main Logo




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