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The YS Appliances Sales and Repair is a UK-owned and operated company, which has been providing repair services of home appliances to all households in the United Kingdom.

These include Ovens, fridges, microwaves, dryers, and many more appliances.

We re-developed their website to a better version.

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The Challenge

YS Appliances website existed but was not vibrant and competitive, It needed a revamp and was so slow in loading. It was developed with old technologies and the company had to find a better team to come up with the best redesign. this was us, Kim Digitary 

So we had to design a website that would aptly represent YS Appliances Sales and Repair, communicate the company’s mission, increase customer engagement, and also increase international reach and sales 

The Approach

We conducted a website analysis and found that it needed to be built from scratch, We developed it with the best technology and an awesome interface .

With this in mind, our team of web developers anf designers designed the whole site, they made a site through different technologies and created a modern custom website with a new user-friendly interface 

The Results

Ys Appliances Sales And Repair website has made it realize its dream. It has helped it tap into the worldwide and local markets and gain recognition as one of the best websites. This has all been possible because the site is optimized for an international market. Anyone from any part of the world can access the site and reach out to the team.

Overall, Ys Appliances Sales and Repair Website have given online websites a new tone that effectively communicates the company, helping it attain global success.


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